Singapore Management University, NUS or NTU MBA (EMBA)

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Published: 05th January 2011
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Singapore is one of the most talked about developed economies in the world and houses some of the most renowned MNCs and global enterprise. The growing market in Singapore fares well for all the conglomerates worldwide and they have set up their bases or Asia Pacific HQ here. This is the reason employment is not an issue in Singapore if you have a good degree at your back. One of the rising trends in education is the MBA Singapore MBA Singapore. In the last few years there have been students flocking from far and wide to get an EMBA or a MBA in Singapore degree. When the degree is attained from top MBA Singapore rankingsMBA Singapore rankings institutions then there is certainty that you will be placed in a well off job. It is crucial for the students to check the MBA Singapore rankings before they take up a course.

There many universities offering MBA in Singapore from Australia, UK, US and Asia. For most Singaporeans, it is always a dream to study in one of the 3 local universities namely National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University which offers a suite of different MBA in full time or part time format. Let us do a quick summary of the ranking and reputation these 3 renowned institutions in Singapore to help you in your decision making process:

National University Singapore (NUS): The University that was formed in the year 1980 with a merger between Nanyang University and University of Singapore is Singapore's oldest university. It is also the largest in terms of the curriculum offered and the studentsí enrollment. According to MBA ranking 2010 conducted by Times Higher Education it is ranked 34th in the world and is 4th in Asia. The courses are semester based and there are six departments specially made for catering good education such as Business Policy, Accounting, Decision Sciences, Marketing and Management and Organization. For the students coming from far and wide NUS has 6,000 residential places where the MBA in Singapore can have a pleasurable time. Some of the major MBA Singapore programs offered by NUS are MBA, Executive MBA, Dual Degree MBAs, UCLA-NUS EMBA etc.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU): This one of the best MBA Singapore universities and it is not only known for its academics but also for its 200 hectare garden campus which is known as the Yunnan Garden Campus. The University was established in 1981 and operates with an academic staff of about 1,100. According to the MBA ranking 2010 for the MBA institutes worldwide by Times Higher Education it was placed 174th. The MBA Singapore management university has tie ups with many renowned universities across the globe that help provide high grade education to the NTU students. The university has linkages with Stanford University, University of Washington, MIT, Cambridge, etc. NTU offers MBA in Singapore programs, Master of Management in Hospitality, NTU-Waseda Double MBA in Management of Technology, etc.

Singapore Management University (SMU): It is the 3rd and youngest university set up in Singapore. Started in the year 2000 today it offers academics to more than 7,000 students with its six schools. The MBA Singapore management university has a total of 210 academic to impart the desired education to the students. The latest survey by UTD Top 100 Worldwide Business School MBA ranking 2010 SMU is placed in the 89th position. The curriculum of SMU is flexible helping the students in team building, problem solving, presentation and communication. There are also many awards and scholarship schemes available at SMU. With the recent announcement of the New President, Prof Arnoud De Meyer, founding dean of INSEAD Singapore, SMU is slowly but surely making headway in the global Business scene.

Isn't that an impressive list? However one need to note that acceptance into these National universities are highly competitive and only a small percentage of applicants are eventually accepted into these programs. All is not lost as there are also numerous alternatives and MBA available in the Singapore market offered by similarly prestigious and reputable institutions such as Chicago, INSEAD, Manchester and City University of New York.

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